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"We are made of 'Star-Stuff.' We are a way for the cosmos to know itself." --Carl Sagan

24 September 2009

I'm still alive an kicking...

Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted for almost 2 months... Yikes! This new job was really taking a toll on my time. But I'm on a new shift with a schedule that is more normal. So hopefully I'll be able to start posting again.

Anyway, I saw this video on Atheist Nexis and thought is was funny. I almost feel sorry for the poor JWs... almost...

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Laura said...

haha! I loved it when he started talking about the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

And in other news, I noticed you're from Jonesboro! I lived there for awhile during college! (Ok, I went to Will Bap, not ASU, long freaking story, but I did work at TCBY on Highland for awhile!)