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09 July 2008

FOX Smears Obama

I never intended to use my blog as a political soapbox, but this is just too maddening to let go. The FOX network has been blatantly attacking Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, using racist and hate-filled comments; things like, "accidentally confusing" Obama's name with Osama, calling Michelle, Barack's "Baby Mama," or referring to Michelle as a terrorist. Not only is this just plain wrong but it's unethical and bordering on criminal. Here is a video that gives several more examples of this abuse:

MoveOn.org has a petition that you can sign that, when it reaches half a million signatures, will be presented to FOX at their headquarters. It will also bring this to the attention of FOX's advertisers (hitting FOX in their money-belt). If this makes you angry then click this link to sign the petition.

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